The Cage at Tengah — a community of local artisans

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Tucked in the northwest outskirts of Singapore, a group of crafters have come together, establishing a name for themselves in the local arts scene. These local crafters formed a community — The Cage at Tengah, based on their individual brands and expertise in their fields.

Founded in 2019, The Cage at Tengah is one of Singapore’s first collaborative community of crafters. Crafters of various specialties coming together is generally unheard of in Singapore, but crafters at The Cage at Tengah are bind by their passion for crafts and a common goal to bring awareness of the local crafting scene to the masses. At The Cage at Tengah, there is a set of core values which the crafters live by.

Direct from makers:
Ensuring customers purchase direct from the makers — this can help to reduce unnecessary price markup and allow makers to forge a bond with the public and their customers.

Environmental sustainability:
Incorporating elements of sustainability, such as upcycling or sustainable sourcing of materials in each crafter’s works shows their commitment to eco consciousness and their way of life.

Slow made craft:
By focusing on refining details and design over mass production, crafters can maintain the uniqueness and exquisiteness of their products, and ensure each product is genuinely made from scratch.

Collaborative environment:
Providing an inclusive environment and space for crafters to create, discuss and exchange perspectives.

Engage and inspire:
Educating people and mass public on the local crafting scene, and provide a comfortable space for individuals, public, and crafters to pick up new skills.

The Cage at Tengah comprises of crafters from diverse backgrounds, and each crafter has established their own brand through their years of experience in their craftwork.

Ask Tony:
With over 20 years of experience in metal welding and glass cutting, Uncle Tony uses his expertise to upcycle products like metal rebar and glass bottles into beautiful and unique products. Uncle Tony aims to bring his experience and skillset to the public through various workshops. Uncle Tony is always bringing fun and laughter to his workshops with his friendly and approachable character!

Clink Clank Clunk:
Despite being one of youngest crafter in the team, Junie has accumulated over 7 years of experience in metal crafting. Junie has established her brand in the local craft scene specializing in jewelry and custom homeware. Junie believes that everything is prettier when you make it yourself, thus, she holds multiple workshops in jewelry making and homeware. Junie hopes that everyone will enjoy the process of making these items and bring home their very own product at the end of the day!

Triple Eyelid:
Having 10 years of experience in wood crafting, Jackie is known for creating minimalistic and functional wood products, ranging from small planters to furniture such as benches. Jackie skillfully creates these products from upcycled pallet wood, and his wide range of products caters to the tastes and preferences of the mass public. Jackie also holds frequent woodcraft workshops, where he aims to provide a fun and engaging woodcraft experience to others.

Semicolon Works:
Founded in 2015, Semicolon Works focuses on upcycling premium leather into fun, sleek and functional everyday objects such as pouches, pencil cases, and key rings. With over 7 years of experience in leather crafting, founder Celine, found a way to introduce the concept of sustainability into her leather crafts. Through her products and workshops that she organized, she hopes to bring awareness of sustainable upcycling and social conscious consumerism to the public.

As the youngest crafter in the team, Emrys brings fresh and new perspectives to craft work. With 5 years of experience in horticulture, Emrys established his brand through his passion for design and planting. With his green fingers, Emrys is experienced in growing a variety of plants, from carnivorous plants to ferns. Ultimately, Emrys hope to share his passion for horticulture to the public through his plants products and workshops.

The Cage at Tengah showcasing gallery.
Ask Tony — Glass bottle herb planter
Clink Clank Clunk — Gold heirloom and custom homeware
Triple Eyelid — Minimalist wooden cups
Semicolon — Leather pencil holder
Overplume — Kokedama Block

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