Triple Eyelid — a glimpse of woodcraft in Singapore

To many of us, being environmentally conscious is the frequent (sometimes, occasion) use of metal straws instead of plastic ones, purchasing from “sustainable” retailers, or choosing to consume organic foods. The talk of the town recently is all about being environmentally conscious. It is a notion that gave rise to a multitude of “green” trends and movements we see permeating social media sites. These trends come in waves and subside as soon as they lose their freshness and novelty, and we move on, awaiting to target the next fad.

Closer to home, Jackie, a passionate local crafter, view eco-consciousness as a way of life. With over 10 years of experience in woodcraft, Jackie established his very own brand — Triple Eyelid, where he aims to promote eco-consciousness through his crafts. As the founder of Triple Eyelid, Jackie explores sustainable concepts such as upcycling and minimalism and integrates these concepts into his everyday life as well as the products he creates. Upcycling gives “old” products a new lease of life, by transforming them into better and more valuable products. For instance, jam jars can be transformed into plant pots, and wooden pallets can be converted to benches. Minimalism reduces wastage of materials yet maintains the functionality of a product, which is evident in all of Jackie’s works. At Triple Eyelid, Jackie skillfully incorporates the idea of sustainability into his wood crafts, creating unique pieces with simple, yet functional designs. Every piece of his work represents his commitment to a more eco-conscious lifestyle, and he hopes that through his work, he can prompt people to make sustainable lifestyle choices and promote the idea of eco-consciousness to the masses.

Besides encouraging a sustainable lifestyle, Jackie also aims to promote the local crafting scene and bring awareness to local crafters and brands like him. Having multiple experiences working as a crafter locally, Jackie empathises with the struggles of his fellow crafters trying to find their footing in the local craft scene. Thus, through Triple Eyelid, Jackie frequently holds workshops for the public. These workshops not only allow people to have a fun and engaging experience doing wood crafts but also develop an understanding of the intricate work done by crafters. Jackie hopes that by building his brand, it will also help to provide recognition to local crafters’ hard work and efforts.

Triple Eyelid emphasises on minimalistic and functional products.
Woodcraft workshops are conducted by Jackie and participants are guided through every step.



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